SharePoint Online: Expand Your Horizons! (Or At Least Your Document Viewer Web Parts)

Here's a quick tip for you:

When you use SharePoint Online's modern 'Document Viewer' web-part, you'll notice that regardless of window size the height of the viewer is unusually 'short'.

You won't even get a full view of a single page in most cases!

We can easily remedy this with only the tiniest bit of effort!


To start, click on the little icon in the bottom right of your Document Viewer web part (the one you never paid attention to until now...).

Then, click on 'Embed Information'.


Copy the embed code given to you in the dialog (which for you should not be blank...) and click 'OK'.


Go ahead and delete that lame old Document Viewer web part, we don't need it anymore!

Its sacrifice will not be in vain, however, since we will be taking the handy little embed code it gave us to use in a new Embed web part.


Paste the embed code into the Embed web part settings pane.


Before closing the settings pane, we're going to make one small modification to the code.

As you can see highlighted above, we're going to change the embed code's default height value (which for me was a measly 677 pixels).

I chose a more suitable value of '1120px', but you are welcome to toy around with it until it displays your document just right.

In the end, you'll be welcomed with a much more useful display of your document!